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--Immediate treatment process, no need for storage tanks or long retention times
--Automatic operation, without special attention or measurement
--Easy to install – two water connections and one electrical
--Most water sources will require system maintenance only twice a year
--No chemicals added to the water supply & no byproducts
--Environment and user friendly – no chemicals to handle or store, no risks of overdosing, no wasted water
--Improves taste and odor without changing the pH or general chemistry of the water
--More effective against viruses than chlorine
--Removes/destroys harmful chemicals, metals, sediment and microorganisms
--Purchasing and maintaining a Model 300 works out to approximately a penny per gallon over the first two years of ownership.
--No water pump or pressurization required, only the lamp draws current – at a consumption rate less than the average night-light!
--SAFH2O UV systems on common water sources cost less than $50 annually to maintain


Because every SAFH2O UV system is:
Safe, Simple, Effective, Affordable and Guaranteed.
Every SAFH2O UV system is designed with four key requirements:

Simplicity - it must be easy to install, operate and maintain
Safety - it must provide clean drinking water without exposing the user to unneccessary risks
Effectiveness - it must destroy/eliminate the risk of water-born illness to 99.999%
Affordability - it must utilize top-of-the-line components yet cost less than any comparable system