Field Operations Report
In partnership with the California Department of Forestry's Smoke Jumpers, the Survivor Pro received a rigorous field exercise.  It was air-dropped from 150 feet to a training spike where it supplied water for a group of 25 public safety personnel and emergency responders.

Five days later, the system received overwhelming positive reaction from those who operated it.

"On average it took under a minute of opening the Pelican case to having water flow.  Outstanding..."

"the unit is intuitive and simple"

"Rubber covered switches worked excellent, especially with very dirty and wet hands."

"The water flow was outstanding... so good that I filled my portable 6 gallon solar shower in less than two minutes.  This was impressive.  If one wanted to build a heat exchanger, wood or propane powered for example, the unit could have supported a showerhead."

The CSA Group thanks those brave men and women who serve beyond the front lines in protecting our safety and for sending us these photos to share with our customers.  We are honored that you have allowed us to participate in your program.
Survivor Pro - Packed and ready for air drop.
Emergency responders arriving at the training spike.
The Survivor Pro - in its most daring shipping exploit to date.
The Survivor Pro drawing water from a shallow stream.
A closer look at the water source
The Survivor Pro drawing from a muddy creek.
A close-up inspection of the flow rate
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