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All purchases made using the SAFH2O online store MUST ship to a physical address within the Continental United States.
For orders to be shipped to post office boxes, Alaska, Hawaii or outside the US, please call (573) 280-2615.
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    Four Stage
  • SAFH2O UV - Survivor

    SAFH2O UV's 2.9 gallon per minute portable water purification system. Requires only a 12v DC power source to provide safe, clean drinking water from nearly any freshwater source.

  • SAFH2O UV - Survivor 2GO

    A portable 2.9 gallon per minute system which combines the go-anywhere features of the Survivor system, the power of our 500 series and the durability of a hard weather-proof case - the Survivor 2GO is ready for any emergency.

  • SAFH2O UV - Survivor Pro

    SAFH2O UV's Portable Emergency Water Purification System Able to Purify Water From Lakes, Ponds, Streams, Rivers, Swimming Pools, Etc. Protective Case Maintenance Kit w/ Replacement Filters & Lamp 2.9 Gallon Per Minute Flow Rate 4 Stage Water Purification System 12v DC With Quick-Connect & 'Alligator' Clips 50 PSI Self-Priming Flojet Pump FDA-Approved Inlet & Outlet Hoses With Quick-Connect Fittings Easy On-Off Switches For Independant Lamp/Pump Control Rinsable Screen Prefiltration To Reduce Sediment Uptake 1 Micron, NSF-Certified, Sediment Prefiltration .5 Micron, NSF & Water Quality Association Approved & Certified, Activated Carbon Block Filtration 14 Watt Lamp Providing Germicidal UV Disinfection Lab Certified Effective Exceeds World Health Organization Requirements 304 Stainless Steel UV Chamber Patent Pending Design