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SAFH2O UV - Model 312
Power, Convenience,
and Affordability. . .
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  • 12 Volt DC Power Supply
  • 2 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate
  • 3 Stage Water Purification System
  • 1 Micron, NSF-Certified, Sediment Prefiltration
  • .5 Micron, NSF & Water Quality Association Approved & Certified,  Activated Carbon Block Filtration
  • Germicidal UV Disinfection
  • Lab Certified Effective
  • Exceeds World Health Organization Requirements
  • 10 Watt Germicidal UV Lamp
  • 304 Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Patent Pending Design
  • 1/4" NPT Inlet/Outlet Ports
Install a SAFH2O UV Model 312 between your water holding tank and your faucets and your daily water ration is limited only by the size of your tank. Capable of producting 2 gallons per minute of safe, clean, and great-tasting drinking water, the Model 312 eliminates the need to fill precious cargo space in your boat or RV with bottles of drinking water! Compare the cost, capabilities, and production rate of the model 312 to any other purification system and we are certain you will make it a part of your next voyage!

The model 312 prefilters water, removing any particles larger than 1 micron, before sending the water on to a .5 micron carbon filter which removes chlorine, lead, and other harmful chemicals, as well as any microorganisms larger than 0.0000195”, which could potentially provide sheltering shadows to any microorganisms BEFORE they are exposed to the disinfecting ultraviolet light. As with any SAFH2O UV system, the water is exposed to germicidal UV in the final stage, destroying any bacteria, algae, viruses or other harmful microorganisms which may be present in your storage tank and/or water.

The extra stage of filtration provided by the model 312 helps extend and ensure the life and effectiveness of the carbon filter and germicidal bulb - letting you know that what may be living in your tank is NOT living in your water.

Optionally, the system may be configured in a "dual-pass" setup, eliminating the risk of tank contamination AND treating your drinking water at the point of entry AND moment of use.